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Bernadotte Swingers are a very experienced jazz quartet going back to 1974. The swing of the 30es and 40es is the main feature, and the music is delivered with warmth and intensity which incite the audience to dance and listen. The band will with equal ability strike up for a party and create the softly impressive background for a reception.
Bernadotte Swingers perform all over the country – from Skagen to Maribo, from Esbjerg to Copenhagen and go with pleasure to Sweden as well.

Instrumentation is saxophone, piano, bass, drums and with frequent vocal features.

The repertoire offers the opportunity of recalling many jazz standards as well as listening to more rarely played tunes.

On saxophone the band alternates between Niels Stuart, Niels Harrit and Erik Spiermann depending on the context of the situation. Per Tværgård plays the piano, Jes Bergholt the bass and Leon Aktor the drums.

Bernadotte Swingers perform at a wide variety of events, ranging from official arrangements of the Danish Foreign Ministry, company receptions and staff parties to private family celebrations.
Of course the Bernadotte Swingers make public performances – at jazz clubs, cafés, jazz festivals, shopping centers, etc. The band has been a participant in e.g. Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Copenhagen Harbour Jazz Festival, Copenhagen Water Festival, Swingin’ Copenhagen, Winter Jazz, Femø Jazz Festival, Maribo Jazzfestival, Riverboat Jazzfestival.

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